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Strombolina and the Little Lost House - A Christmas Story

Strombolina and the Little Lost House - A Christmas Story
Strombolina (the Volcano) and the Little Lost House

Once upon a time there was a house who lived high on a rock overlooking the sea, a little blue house, he wasn’t always blue but today he was a deeper indigo hue than usual. He spent a lot of time alone making himself pretty curtains and furniture, growing flowers around his windows and burning pizza. (He wasn’t much of a cook and was easily distracted with all of his creative hobbies!).
Recently he’d noticed the end of his garden getting closer and closer to his front door as the sea slowly pounded itself against the rocks that held him up.
It wasn’t long until there was a whoosh and a clatter, a splash and a splatter as he fell clean into the sea. He floated around in the sea for weeks and weeks wondering where all the land had gone. Just as he was so tired he could hardly keep his windows open he was scooped up out of the water. So warm were the arms that scooped him up he finally let himself fall asleep.
He awoke to find himself comforted by a kindly face looking down over him asking where he was from.
He said he couldn’t remember and started to cry. “Don’t worry” said the volcano. “I am Strombolina and I know someone who knows where all of the houses live, we will find your way home. I will take you to him and we will find out where your home is.”

Strombolina pulled up her skirts and to the little house’s surprise she stood up in the water revealing surprisingly spritely legs for a volcano. He felt the rumble of her insides as she carefully placed him on her back and off they went to find the one who could tell them where home was.

They passed other volcanoes who were far friendlier than you might expect for such a bunch of hot heads, birds flew by and followed the two unusual travellers as whales whistled guiding the way. As they headed towards the moon on the horizon the air grew colder and icebergs started to float by in the sea. The icebergs became land and the land became mountains. Strombolina was very tired by now so they stopped on their journey for a break.
The warmth of Strombolina brought a snow leopard over to warm her behind. She rubbed her sides against Strombolina and Strombolina said “I think you may be going where we’re going. This poor little house has lost his way and doesn’t know where home is anymore.” “Ahhh well you are going to the right place” the snow leopard said. “Follow me and I’ll lead you for you’re nearly there!”

The snow leopard leapt over icy mountains that were keeping their heads warm inside white fluffy clouds, they followed the North star all the way until they could go no further.

As they caught up the house began to sneeze and then to weep. “This is definitely not my home, it’s so cold and there are no other houses like me.“
“Ah but he who lives here knows where your home is, he knows where everyone’s home is because he has important deliveries to make at this time of year so he has the biggest address book in the world! “ said Strombolina with the confidence one would expect from a volcano.

They looked up at the highest peak, tumbles of snow fell down the sides as a huge face blew out the snow that tickled it’s nose. “Pffffffffffft…Hello!” Said the mountain.
“Ahh Strombolina it’s been so long!”

“Well you know I like the heat” said Strombolina as she leant in to give the mountain a kiss on each cheek. “How have you been?”

“As you know I am super busy at this time of year with all of our preparations!” said the mountain.

“Little blue house, let me introduce you to ‘The Christmas Volcano’! He knows where all the house’s live and will guide us back to your home.”

With that the Christmas volcano scratched his summit, smiled and pulled out piles of presents from his bubbling tummy and proceeded to juggle them (He’s quite the show off).
“Ah you thought a man did this job with an army of elves? That’s quite far
fetched don’t you think? And we can’t leave it to the adult humans to look after the planet and all of its fresh little inhabitants.”

The snow leopard whistled and a group of snow leopard reindeer leapt down ready for their next delivery. The Christmas volcano lifted the little blue house upside down, peeled off his name tag and handed it to the snow leopard.
“Okay follow me” said the snow leopard and off they went to find the little house’s home. They flew up and down and around the globe dropping presents in chimney pots along the way until finally reaching a small green island. Strombolina gently placed the house down onto the ground next to crowds of houses piled up on top each other to escape falling into the sea. From the huddled houses came a cry… “‘Blue! There you are! We’ve been so worried about you!”

“Hi! I couldn’t find my way home, I was so sad and I’ve missed you all terribly but
now I’m back I’m not sure it feels like home anymore. I’ve travelled the world and
met so many lovely folk I think I’m going to keep on going if that’s okay.” Said the
little blue house.

“As long as you keep in touch and come back when you’re ready, we miss you Blue”

“I will, every year on this day, I promise!” And with that the little blue house carefully dropped some presents into the other house's chimney and looked up at Strombolina. “Can I come back with you? I’ve realised that home is here inside me wherever I go and for now I’d love to go with you. Plus you’re much warmer than this soggy green island.

And with that the little lost house wasn’t so blue any more :)
Inspired by my true love, Stromboli who I visited as a child sleeping right on top of her hot head... and then again as an adult....and discovered in doing so that I am still that child and always will be, just like all of us!


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