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The Joy of Collaboration!

The Joy of Collaboration!
I had been following wonderful Sue for some time! (Sewist53) I loved the way Sue would not only make the Sindy's beautiful outfits and scenarios but would weave in detailed life stories and fairytales to fully immerse you into their world. It reminded me of when I was a kid and the Sindy adverts on TV would be serialised stories of their daily lives engaging my imagination as an only child. A while back we had discussed potential collaborations and then this year Sue pinned me down and off we went.
Meeting up and drinking coffee, letting the Sindy's have their say and working out what would work as a theme that resonated for both of us. Initially I was thinking travel, then with the way the world was I felt more like it should be around staycations, finding fun and adventure without the need for passports and aeroplanes but instead caravans and treehouses, picnic baskets, tricycles and toadstools.
The second theme wasn't tricky to work out as sewing and stitchery of all kinds is a mutual love and of course there needed to be cats!
I had shied away from collaboration in the past. I could never work out quite how I would fit with anyone else and deep down I worried 'what if the person I collaborate with doesn't sell or like what I've done and it's all my fault'. I couldn't cope with that pressure and insecurity led me to decline some really lovely offers in the past. I am much better now at tending my magic and realising that self belief comes from within and really can be nurtured from the inside out. Plus you just have to leap in and see what happens sometimes!
Sue was so wonderful, uplifting and joyful so how could I say no! It has been a treat to get to know Sue and meet up properly in person. To inspire each other along the way with how we have added our different parts of the puzzle.
The collection Sue made was absolutely wonderful! And it's been such a joy to watch them come together. As well as these beautiful outfits Sue has created 3D printed sewing boxes and camping gear and all sorts of other thoughtful accessories for adventures, coffee mornings and crafternoons!
I am definitely making myself a playsuit in me size!
I just have to decide whether it will be Sewing Cats or Staycation!
Initially I was designing these patterns solely for Sue to use in the Sindy collection but I really loved them and couldn't resist creating a range of purses and stationery too so you can also find new purses, kits, notebooks and washi in the shop! (Cushions are coming soon!)
The notebooks are all spiral bound with laminated covers so the designs don't get scuffed. Perfect for planning sewing projects, trips away, shopping lists, sketching, journaling, the list goes on.... in fact you can continue the list in the notebook!
To this day the act of putting pencil to paper and creating something on the page that didn't exist before still enthralls me. Whether it's drawings and characters or the wonder of words and language. I hope others will fill the pages with newness and excitement too!
With a love of washi tapes I have created some with both designs. Sue had mentioned how lovely it would be for the packaging of orders so it had to be added and you can buy it in the shop. I had been wanting to do some kind of sewing themed washi for a while and had also had requests for toadstools so it made sense. I love washi and how versatile it is for decorating and brightening up every corner!
I also had some velvets and chenilles printed for purses of all sizes because I am an accessories fanatic, it doesn't matter how many cakes I eat, they will still fit and brighten up any day! These come as DIY kits or made up. The kits come with full instructions and are straightforward to make even if you aren't experienced. And I'm always so happy to advise if you ever get stuck! The joy of making is that you can make things any way you want to!
This was such a fun and escapist collaboration. I loved that Sue gave me prompts for other elements such as the map. That exploring of the place they all lived led to naming it Bunnyville Biscuit (I was quite peckish that day :D) and really brought it to life. I created a little story book of how these two met. In the back you can cut out a postcard to send off to Bunnyville Biscuit and arrange your stay!
I have loved seeing everyone talking about visiting Bunnyville and the way in which Sue brought it all to life has been pure magic! Here is Sindy to welcome you and damn she makes some good biscuits!
The map, should you ever need it!
Thank you so much Sue! Lastly, lovely Bonita at Mam'selle magazine did a feature on the collection which was rather fabulous and exciting! You can view the full article here to read more!
You can follow Sue on Instagram here!
And go to Sue's shop on Etsy here!



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