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Journaling nonsense of invention!

Journaling nonsense of invention!

Something I like to do daily is journal. I download all of the fizzing in my head into my journal, often whilst sitting in a tree but always away from my home because my home has a fizz all of it's own and it's very distracting!

I usually unravel a bit by writing a stream of consciousness story. Sometimes I look back on them and they give me a smile and remind me of where I was at that point in time. I thought I might start to share some here. It feels quite exposing to share such self indulgent things but one of the things I love so much about humans is our capacity to create something from nothing... a character, a scenario, a dream.

Today's tale is about the point and what it is... maybe ...


Lets tell a tale, let’s see where it goes, will there be a moon, will she follow her nose? Does she need to follow her nose, does she have any toes? She has the rabbit’s toes pummelling her belly, she has the quill of a pen poking her brain and driving the train.

The train came late one day so the pen in frustration decided to go into business with Carla from accounts. Carla was always one of those folk who had dreamed of running off with the circus so this was no ordinary business, this was the business of magic and sparkles, where the shiny people entertained those who were just waiting for some polish so they could find and tend their magic too.

That night the circus crept into town, it was dark and the stars were blinking, tired but unable to sleep, the frustration of the sandman running off to join the circus too was frustrating. Occasionally a meteor would fly by leaving trails of dust that would get in the stars eyes making them blink and wince even more. The moon looked down over the circus creeping with it’s caterpillar legs slowly into the town square, actually it wasn’t a square, it was a star shape too, with 8 points. One of its points was the point that there is no point. There is no point at all, the only point is to enjoy the fuzzy Mr Tickles of a mess while you are here, get on, go out, look around, enjoy the ride, see where it takes you. It may not take you anywhere at all, or it may take you to a tiny little gutter which you will look in and see moss and tiny little critters looking up at you as if to say what who are you, are you the moon? Can you tell us the point? Yes said the moon, for actually, I am your moon, I can tell you the point. The point can be sharpened but if you are gentle and use it to create beautiful things over time it will soften and become shorter and smaller until you can only hold it with help from another, then you will find out the point.



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